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InsureVault: Digital Access to Insurance Docs is Here

Your policyholders want it, and now Pathway is helping you give it to them. That’s right, we’re talking about secure digital access to liability cards and policies. Thanks to InsureVault, our newest plan offering, your clients can have on-the-go access to insurance docs from their desktop at work or on their mobile phone at the scene of an auto accident.

There’s no need to hassle with downloading an app. InsureVault conveniently stores everything online.

Here’s what you get with the InsureVault plan:

• Secure, encrypted online portal with authentication process for first-time users

• Branded interface that includes your brokerage logo and contact information

• View, download, and print functions for both policies and liability cards

• Responsive customer support when you need it

Try it for Free!
You can try InsureVault, absolutely free for the rest of 2017.  Beginning in 2018, InsureVault plan prices will start at $97 per month for 1,000 contacts. Contact Us to sign up now.

Good News! Plan Prices Are Going Down This Fall

We’re pleased to announce that Pathway is adjusting our plan prices beginning this fall—and it’s all in your favor! Not only will you receive more value from the tools we offer, you will get them all at a lower price.

Here are the two biggest highlights of our price adjustment:

1. ClientBuilder Now Includes CSRMate

No need to pay two separate fees for both plans. When you enroll in ClientBuilder, you’ll get all the workflows that come with CSRMate, at no additional cost. Depending on the number of contacts your brokerage has, you could save hundreds of dollars a month.

For example, if you have 2,500 contacts, you would normally pay $297 a month for CSRMate and $297 a month for ClientBuilder. That’s a total of $594 a month for both plans. Under the new pricing structure, ClientBuilder is $447 for 2,500 contacts, and it includes CSRMate. That’s a savings of $147 per month!

2. InsureVault is Free for 2017

You can try our newest plan offering, InsureVault, absolutely free for the rest of 2017. InsureVault complies with regulation anticipated this fall that would require brokers to give policyholders access to their insurance information electronically. The secure, encrypted online portal is 100% branded to your brokerage and lets clients view their policies and liability cards via desktop and mobile. Best of all, there’s no app to install.

Beginning in 2018, InsureVault plan prices will start at $97 per month for 1,000 contacts.

As always, we want to setup you up for growth and success with the Pathway platform. If you have any questions about how these changes will impact your plan, please contact us.