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3 Things We Learned from Attending Applied Net 2018

Pathway recently made the 1300-kilometer trek to Nashville, TN for Applied Net 2018. Our goal was to connect with insurance brokers who use the TAM/Epic BMS platform and to exhibit at the Applied Net Exchange Expo. The experience did not disappoint!

Of course, we love interacting with clients at these types of events. But, with the hectic pace of day-to-day operations, we sometimes forget the tremendous benefits of getting out of the office and connecting, in person, with other insurance professionals. We imagine, with your busy schedule, you’re probably in the same boat. So, we thought we’d share 3 things we learned about the value of attending industry events like Applied Net 2018. Hopefully, our insights will inspire you to attend one in the near future.

  1. Industry events are energizing and inspiring
    If you need a dose of inspiration, attending the right industry event can be just what the doctor ordered. The energy at Applied Net 2018 was truly electric. With so many new faces to see, relationships to build, and informational sessions to attend, each day was filled with something new and exciting. And, with exciting changes happening in the insurance world — especially with brokerages now navigating the digital space — it’s essential to stay abreast of the latest industry trends and developments.
  2. Industry events are a great way to explore a new city
    We enjoy country music as much as the next person, but if not for Applied Net 2018, we probably wouldn’t have found ourselves in Nashville any time soon. But, we’re glad we made it to Music City. The Gaylord Opryland Resort, where the trade show was held, is an impressive facility worth the visit. We also opted for a city tour to see the sights and take in the local flavor. It was a great way to sneak in a mini vacation while still taking care of business.
  3. Industry events bring tremendous value back to your business
    Yes, the cost to attend industry events can be expensive, but the insights, best practices, connections, and even sales leads you bring back to your business provide a great ROI.  We found that to be true for us at Applied Net 2018. We walked away with a ton of quality leads and invaluable knowledge of new vendors, trends, and ideas we can use to make Pathway better for our clients.

Now that you know some of the benefits you could be enjoying by attending industry events, tell us in the comments below which event is at the top of your list. We just might see you there!


Pathway and Vertafore Announce New Integration

Thanks to a new partnership between Vertafore and Pathway, Pathway’s robust automated insurance platform will now be available to the Canadian insurance brokers who use SIG, the Keal Broker Management System.

As part of the new system integration, Keal users will now have a seamless two-way data synchronization with Pathway. The sync will allow brokers to perform essential marketing tasks like automating renewal letters, providing e-delivery of insurance documents, and running fully automated email and cross-sell marketing campaigns.

Because the sync goes both ways, Pathway will push important email analytics back into SIG, such as which policyholders open emails as well as which email recipients click through embedded links.

“This exciting collaboration allows us to introduce Pathway to a much broader audience of brokers throughout Canada,” says Alek Mirkovich Pathway CEO and co-founder. “We think Keal users will find that our automated features are a great enhancement to an already best-in-class business management system. Our tools will save them significant time and money while also greatly improving cross sales, renewals and marketing communications.”

“Keal has always been the champion of integration, and in this day, where insurance consumers expect real-time communication from their brokers, this integration will do just that,” says Keal Senior VP Renée Durepos.

Are You a Keal User?
Tell us what you think of the new Pathway integration in the comments below. We’re always looking for ways to improve our platform, so we want to hear from you!

Introducing Dashboard 2.0: A New & Improved Way to View Your Email Marketing Data

When it comes to improving your marketing campaigns over time, capturing accurate data is essential. So, to help you put your finger on the most useful metrics and trends for your marketing campaigns, we rolled out a new and improved dashboard this month that offers robust filters so you can drill down data by date, subscriber, policy, or just about any criteria you like.

Here are the highlights:

See the Big Picture at a Glance
Our new Overview tab puts your most important marketing metrics front and center so you can easily see how many prospects, active clients, and lost clients you have as well as what percentage of working emails you have for each group. It also breaks down all your policies by category and percentage so you can see which categories are thriving as well as where you have opportunities for growth.

Track Your Email Performance with Clear Statistics
Not sure if your email campaigns are connecting with your audience? Find out for sure using the Statistics tab. It details the open rate, click rate, bounce rate, and the number of unsubscribes so you can determine which campaigns are underperforming and may need to be tweaked.

Pinpoint Your Subscriber Locations
The Location tab on the dashboard helps you identify which countries and cities are most popular among your email subscribers.

Check Subscriber Engagement
Find out who your most engaged subscribers are using the Links Clicked tab on your dashboard. The data-rich Activity Stream lets you drill down to specific policyholders so you can search for a particular client and see how many emails they have opened and which links inspired them to click.

Discover Which Devices Clients Use to View Emails
Don’t know if your clients are viewing emails primarily on a desktop or a smartphone? Use the Devices tab on your dashboard to find out for sure. It also lets you know the most popular mobile device and the top email services your subscribers use so you can ensure your emails are optimized to perform well on the most popular devices and don’t get flagged for failure to meet the standards of a particular email service.

Still have questions about how to make the most out of your new and improved dashboard? Schedule a personalized demo with us today!

Pathway Developers Meet in Serbia to Discuss New Platform Enhancements

From time to time, we love to share photos of the Pathway team at work (and play!). This May, our talented group of developers met up with the sales and account management team in Belgrade, the capital city of Serbia, to discuss exciting new improvements to the Pathway platform. Here are some fun visual moments from that meeting.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
As new ideas flowed for platform enhancements, the Pathway team was able to get right to work—breaking off into pairs and small groups to collaborate and get things done.8

Checking Out the Local Scene
It wasn’t all work and no play. The team took a little time for sightseeing and some delicious food.

The Spicy Pepper Challenge
Things got a little “heated” when everyone on the team accepted a fun team building dare to eat a piece of this super spicy dish.  

Stay tuned for updates on all the exciting platform changes that will launch later this year thanks to the brainstorming and collaboration that took place at this meeting!

Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing

Just because you land new policyholders doesn’t mean they’ll stick around for years to come doing business with your brokerage. For that, you have to build loyalty. And, the fact still remains that one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to improve customer fidelity is with consistent and thoughtful email marketing.  

But, if you’re like many insurance brokers we’ve seen over the years, your email communication with clients starts with a big bang and then fizzles after a few months because of the commitment it takes to consistently send high-quality, engaging emails.

So what’s the secret to staying in touch with clients and building lasting trust that will pay dividends at renewal time? We talked to brokerages with extraordinarily high customer retention rates and found they all adhere to the following list of dos and don’ts when it comes to their email marketing programs.


Share relevant, interesting topics: According to Mailigen, emails that are relevant to recipients drive 18 times more revenue than general broadcast emails. And, your clients will appreciate receiving information that helps them make the most of their insurance coverage.

Reward customer loyalty: Explore creative ways to let customers know you appreciate their business and word-of-mouth referrals. E-gift card programs that deliver gift cards right to your clients’ email inbox for popular places like Tim Horton’s are a great way to thank clients for referring friends and family to your brokerage.

Let technology work for you: Writing, designing, and sending regular emails and newsletters is a time-consuming undertaking, especially for small and mid-sized brokerages that don’t have marketing staff. However, by leveraging an automated marketing tool like Pathway’s Staying ‘N Touch plan, it’s easy to create professional emails and newsletters in minutes with professionally written content from an extensive articles library.

Measure your success: Remember, engagement is the key to your email marketing success, so it’s not enough to just send out emails on a regular basis. You also need to check your email analytics to see who is opening your emails, what content they’re most attracted to reading, and whether you’re getting a lot of unsubscribes.



Forget to optimize for mobile: According to the U.S. Consumer Device Preference Report, 65 percent of emails get read first on a mobile device. That means it’s essential to create emails that look great and are easy to read on a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Inundate your clients’ inboxes: Too many emails will prompt your clients to hit the unsubscribe link. In fact, 69 percent of people say they unsubscribe because of “too many emails” according to a recent survey. For a low-touch industry like insurance, one to two emails per month is a good rule of thumb to maximize engagement.

Send everyone the same emails: Your commercial insurance clients will obviously have different content interests than your life insurance clients, so your emails to these unique audiences should reflect that. It’s nice to cross-sell from time to time, but when the goal is building loyalty, it’s worth the extra time and attention it takes to tailor your content to the audience.

In addition to following these dos and don’ts, keep in mind your experience with email marketing from the brands you trust. By paying attention to the emails that draw you in, as well as those that don’t, you can improve your email connection with clients.

Also, remember that Pathway is here to make email marketing simple for you. So, if you’re not already using Staying ‘N Touch, schedule a demo with us to see how this affordable tool can transform your email communications.

InsureVault: Digital Access to Insurance Docs is Here

Your policyholders want it, and now Pathway is helping you give it to them. That’s right, we’re talking about secure digital access to liability cards and policies. Thanks to InsureVault, our newest plan offering, your clients can have on-the-go access to insurance docs from their desktop at work or on their mobile phone at the scene of an auto accident.

There’s no need to hassle with downloading an app. InsureVault conveniently stores everything online.

Here’s what you get with the InsureVault plan:

• Secure, encrypted online portal with authentication process for first-time users

• Branded interface that includes your brokerage logo and contact information

• View, download, and print functions for both policies and liability cards

• Responsive customer support when you need it

Try it for Free!
You can try InsureVault, absolutely free for the rest of 2017.  Beginning in 2018, InsureVault plan prices will start at $97 per month for 1,000 contacts. Contact Us to sign up now.

Good News! Plan Prices Are Going Down This Fall

We’re pleased to announce that Pathway is adjusting our plan prices beginning this fall—and it’s all in your favor! Not only will you receive more value from the tools we offer, you will get them all at a lower price.

Here are the two biggest highlights of our price adjustment:

1. ClientBuilder Now Includes CSRMate

No need to pay two separate fees for both plans. When you enroll in ClientBuilder, you’ll get all the workflows that come with CSRMate, at no additional cost. Depending on the number of contacts your brokerage has, you could save hundreds of dollars a month.

For example, if you have 2,500 contacts, you would normally pay $297 a month for CSRMate and $297 a month for ClientBuilder. That’s a total of $594 a month for both plans. Under the new pricing structure, ClientBuilder is $447 for 2,500 contacts, and it includes CSRMate. That’s a savings of $147 per month!

2. InsureVault is Free for 2017

You can try our newest plan offering, InsureVault, absolutely free for the rest of 2017. InsureVault complies with regulation anticipated this fall that would require brokers to give policyholders access to their insurance information electronically. The secure, encrypted online portal is 100% branded to your brokerage and lets clients view their policies and liability cards via desktop and mobile. Best of all, there’s no app to install.

Beginning in 2018, InsureVault plan prices will start at $97 per month for 1,000 contacts.

As always, we want to setup you up for growth and success with the Pathway platform. If you have any questions about how these changes will impact your plan, please contact us.

We’re Growing–Fast! 4 Reasons That’s Great News for You

Growth is the hallmark of every successful business. So, we couldn’t be more pleased that Pathway is going through an exciting growth spurt at the moment. Our ambition has always been huge. Now, we have a larger team to bring new ideas and technology to life. Here are just a few of the ways our growing team spells good news for insurance brokers:

1. We’re Adding New Features
We love it when you share your wish list with us of new Pathway features that could make your day-to-day marketing and outreach flow more smoothly. We promise, we don’t just throw your ideas into a comment box that never sees the light of day. Nope. We roll up our sleeves and get busy mapping out plans to give you the features you crave. Thanks to our growing team, in the coming weeks, you can expect to see us launch a new mobile app, ePinkSlip, that offers your policyholders on-the-go access to their digital liability cards. You can also expect to hear about several other improvements we have in the works in the next few months.

2. We’re Making Workflows More Flexible
We’ve heard your request for more flexibility within our existing workflows. Our new developers are coding like crazy to make that happen. Some of the changes they are making will allow you to go more granular and customize workflows to meet your brokerage’s unique needs. Here’s a look at some of our team in action.

3. We’re Introducing a New Dashboard
We know how important good analytics are to understanding the success of your marketing outreach efforts and overall policyholder engagement. That’s why we’re adding a new dashboard to give you easy-to-navigate data that shows at-a-glance how your emails, newsletters, free download offers, and more are being received by your customers.

4. We’re Offering More Support
We haven’t just added developers to our team. We’ve added account managers too! That means more ongoing support and product training for you. Got workflows you haven’t fully implemented yet? Your account manager can help you get them activated. Need training for others on your team? Your account manager can schedule group training to get everyone up and running successfully. As you can see from the improvements we have scheduled, growth is good! We’re committed to making Pathway more robust and user-friendly for you. We think you’ll like the changes we’re cooking up. Stay tuned!

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