Today’s on-the-go policyholders want digital access to their pink slips, and finally the Ontario government agrees they should have it. In the 2017 Ontario Budget, the provincial government recently gave drivers the option to use electronic proof of insurance in lieu of keeping printed pink slips tucked away in their glove compartment.

Brokerages that have yet to go digital are scrambling fast to keep their tech-savvy policyholders from switching to mobile-friendly brokers. Fortunately, digital platforms like Pathway make it easy for brokers to implement mobile technology quickly and affordably.

“We’ve been waiting with great anticipation to get the provincial green light to push forward with electronic proof of insurance,” says Alek Mirkovich, Pathway CEO and founder. “Our platform is already configured so brokers have the e-tools they need to give policyholders immediate access to digital pink slips.”

Pathway’s new ePinkSlip app is one convenient way policyholders can get their hands on electronic pink slips. By downloading the app, Ontario drivers will have the ability to:

  • Show proof of insurance right from their smartphone
  • View the pink slips for all their covered vehicles in one place
  • Contact their broker for help within the app
  • Download on either Android or iOS

“The app is simple and intuitive,” says Mirkovich. “Plus, we designed it to take up minimal storage space so users don’t have to compromise when downloading it.”

Need to Get Your Policyholders on the Digital Path?

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